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Air Humidifiers For Home

Maintaining a good humidity level in the house is far from being a whim. When the air is dry, the mucous membranes become dry and irritated easily. This makes it easier for viruses to get through, increasing our risk of catching colds, flu, and other respiratory infections

The use of a home humidifier aims to balance the humidity level and, therefore, helps to prevent the inconvenience of drought. It is also useful in the event of an infection of the respiratory system. Indeed, by increasing the level of humidity, we liquefy the secretions that block the lungs and sinuses, and we promote their elimination. To know if you need a humidifier, you need to measure the humidity level in your house or apartment using a hygrometer. It is recommended to maintain the humidity level of the place where you live at 50% in summer and 30% in winter to avoid condensation.


The home humidifier is synonymous with comfort. It also helps to preserve the furniture well. Indeed, intense drought tends to cause damage to the latter. Besides, this device limits static electricity that tends to alter electronic equipment in the home. It is, therefore, a device that is designed to ensure maximum comfort daily. This equipment is especially targeted at people who want to breathe better air. Once the air is humidified, it is easier to breathe and the respiratory system is protected from germs that can attack it. 


There are various types of home humidifiers available on the market:

  • Central humidifiers: These types of humidifiers are used to humidify an entire house
  • Evaporators: These types of humidifiers are smaller humidifiers that use filters and fans to add moisture to the air
  • Impeller humidifiers: These types of humidifiers release a cool mist into the air. Cool mist humidifiers are very popular for children
  • Steam vaporizers: These types of humidifiers heat up the water in the water reservoirs and force the water to cool before releasing it into the air as a mist. They can also release hotter mists
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers: These types of humidifiers use vibrations to release moisture into the air. Since they can come in both cool and warm mist variations, they are a good choice for babies


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