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Air Humidifiers For Baby

Benefits of nursery humidifiers 

A humidifier for baby is used to prevent excessive drying of a room, especially in winter when the heating is constantly on.

The newborn is particularly sensitive to the dryness of a room. Indeed, his respiratory system has not yet reached maturity. Dry air has a negative impact on his nasal passages preventing mucus from flowing out properly.

Humidifying the ambient air in the room is essential to guarantee good quality and restorative sleep, especially in winter during cold episodes. The air humidifier for the baby's room is therefore there to guarantee the comfort and health of the baby from the first months of life.

A hygrometer or a humidistat helps to measure the humidity level in a room.

Placed in a room, the air humidifier also has an aesthetic interest by blending into the decoration or bringing a touch of chic. It plugs into a conventional electrical outlet and operates completely autonomously for 8 to 20 hours, depending on the size of the tank.


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