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Everything About Air Humidifiers


An air humidifier is a device that is used to temper the atmosphere, especially if it is too dry. To familiarize yourself with how an air humidifier works, it is a device that optimizes breathing by bringing more moisture to the air in a room. The air humidifier is equipped with a hygrometer that will determine the humidity level in a room or living room. If the humidity level is too low, the device is used in order to increase humidity in a room.

In other words, it is a very useful device for all those who want to avoid drought at home. The humidifier is also used to combat dryness in winter, in the event of falling temperatures. It is also important to mention that air humidifier plays a major role in well-being. Indeed, the latter prevents the skin from drying out. For this reason, its use will be especially practical for people who are fragile and sensitive to humidity.

Air Humidifier For Home Forest - Everything About Air Humidifiers Article


  • Benefits for Human Health

- Dry Skin:
 using a humidifier will return the moisture to the air and thus protects your skin from becoming overly dry.

- Stuffy nose and dry eyes:
 air humidifier not only protect your skin, but some cold symptoms like a stuffy nose and dry eyes can also be alleviated by using one in your home.

- Sinusitis: the air humidifier will increase the moisture in your nose and help you with the secretion of mucus.

- Sleep: by improving the overall air quality, environments are warmer and more comfortable, which helps prevent snoring and dry throats.

- Flu symptoms (colds, cough, fever..): The global air quality improves and the respiratory system inevitably gets a much-needed boost to the organism (which is particularly helpful for those who have asthma).

Considering that babies and toddlers are the most ‘at risk’ for immune system attacks, humidifiers make an excellent addition to your young one’s room.

  • Benefits for Home

- Reduce and eliminated odors: Using a humidifier is a good solution for eliminating stale air from your environment (especially during the winter months when you cannot open the windows for fear of excess cold getting in)

- Protecting your belongings: Musical instruments, furniture, and electrical appliances can get damaged over time if they are deprived of moisture in their surroundings. Using an air humidifier will help eliminate the chances of static shock occurring, and thus protect your appliances.

- Reduce energy consumption: save on energy bills to maintain a warmer environment by using a humidifier instead (set your thermostat a few degrees lower)

  • Benefits for Plant Health

An air humidifier in the home is very useful in providing a good level of moisture needed for the plants to thrive.


No matter the type of technology they use, all humidifiers essentially function in the same manner. These appliances force moisture into your indoor air in the form of an invisible mist. The main advantage of the air humidifier is its ability to activate itself when it feels that the environment is too dry. In addition, the humidifier is adjustable according to the needs of the user.

It is really simple to make it work, just place the air humidifier in the center of the room so that the humidity spreads evenly. Once the appliance is connected, the water in the tank will be sprayed throughout the room. However, avoid placing the unit near a radiator. For optimal humidifier operation, do not forget the regular maintenance phase.


All humidifiers have a common objective: to increase the humidity in the air. It recommends that the humidity rate must be between 30% and 60% for the air to be pleasant to breathe.

The humidification system comes in various forms:

There is the cool mist humidification system, which consists of spreading cooled water. Indeed, the water is previously hot, but the humidifier cools it down to avoid burns. This system has the advantage of providing delicate and safe steam. In addition, it does not require any filtration. 

On the other hand, the warm mist humidification system produces moisture as steam by heating the water with a hot heating element that heats water to a boiling point. Moisture released into the air is warm but generally safe enough to put your face right up to the output opening.

Then there is the evaporation humidification system, which distributes the air through a filtration cassette immersed in water. The ventilation system then propels dust-free, water-rich air. This system does not consume much energy, but it can make some noise.

The ultrasonic humidification system consists of an ultrasonic plate that will emit micro-vibrations. The micro-vibrations are transmitted to the water, which explodes into small drops. The drops are then propelled into the atmosphere. As an added bonus, this prototype is relatively quiet and that's why it's so popular. Moreover, it is characteristic of low energy consumption. However, it is necessary to carry out treatment against germs contained in the water. This system can lower the temperature of the room or chamber.

Air Humidifier For Home ROSA - Impeller - Everything About Air Humidifiers Article


There are different types of humidifiers. The choice depends on the expectations of each user. The user will have the choice between evaporative humidifier varieties, ultrasonic humidifiers, and even UV models. The choice is also based on certain essential criteria such as the capacity of the tank or the autonomy of the device. 

  • Cool Mist Humidifiers

This variety of humidifiers is characterized by a moisture-rich vapor. The bottom of the unit is equipped with an absorbent filter that soaks in water. A fan ventilates dry air to spread water droplets into the air. This is a safe humidifier model if properly maintained. It is the ideal humidifier for cooling in summer. In addition, it is characteristic of low fuel consumption and is silent. However, it is necessary to replace the water daily to prevent the spread of germs.

  • Warm Mist Humidifiers

It is a variety of humidifiers that diffuse purified steam. The principle of action of this device is "natural evaporation". The evaporated water is preheated. This type of humidifier consists of two electrodes that boil the water to convert it into steam. This humidifier helps to protect against the winter cold. Due to the risk of burns, it is best to use it carefully.

  • Evaporative Humidifiers

This type of humidifier pulls air into it using its internal fan. This air will then pass along a water-saturated wick filter which has absorbed water from the reservoir. The air will then absorb some of the moisture into it and will then be emitted back out into the room to give the room a healthy balance of humidity.

  • Ultrasonic Humidifiers

This type of humidifier works by means of an ultrasonic plate. It is preferable to use demineralized water with this model, as it does not filter minerals. As a result, water jets can leave traces of limescale on furniture. These are the prototype humidifiers that are recommended for shrunken rooms. They allow users to choose between a cool mist or a warm mist. They are usually complemented by a timer that will allow the user to adjust the spray time.

  • UV Humidifiers

It is an air humidifier that is able to destroy germs by means of a small UV lamp. This model of humidifier is suitable for people with immune deficiency. It is generally available in pharmacies. The pharmacist will not hesitate to advise buyers on the use of this device. It is also suitable for children. The only criticism to be made of this variant is the lamp, which must be changed after a few months if the device is used regularly.

  • Impeller Humidifiers

This type of humidifier contains a rotating disc and a diffuser. It operates by using the rotating disc in sending water through the diffuser. The job of the diffuser is to break this water into smaller droplets and sends these little droplets into the air.


The first thing before choosing a humidifier is to evaluate your needs.

- Do you plan to use it for a specific area?
- Are you looking for something that will complement the style of your home?
- Are you looking for a multi-function device (an oil diffuser as well for example)?
- Do you want a portable one?

Fortunately, air humidifiers come now in various styles to meet all your criteria.

The majority of models will adapt especially for medium rooms such as bedrooms. In addition, you should choose a humidifier with a large enough reservoir. It is necessary to opt for a humidifier with a large autonomy (normally between 8 and 22 hours for the most ones)

The choice of a humidifier also depends on the climate. If it is too hot, it is better to choose a cold air humidifier. Adjustable models are the most recommended. It is advisable to purchase a humidifier that is adjustable both in terms of diffusion orientation and steam flow rate.


In case you are still undecided, let wrap again the numerous benefits of having a humidifier in your home:

  • boosts health for both adults and babies
  • protects your furniture and other household materials and electrical appliances
  • brings great benefits for your indoor plants
  • saves on your energy consumption during the winter months
  • helps people with conditions like asthma and dry skin

With all these benefits mentioned above, no wonder more and more people are using a humidifier this day. 

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