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Best USB Humidifiers In 2021

Humidifiers are a great way to maintain a healthy humidity level in your home. By controlling humidity in your environment, you can keep your family healthy, from newborns to adults, and improve your overall indoor comfort.

The advantage of USB humidifiers is that you can enjoy their benefits outside the house: at work, during vacations or business tours...


  • Easy to use

USB powered humidifiers are designed so that many people can use them comfortably wherever they want.

Indeed, the operation is very simple. You just need to plug your humidifier into a USB port. Once it is charged, get ready to enjoy fresh clean air. As simple as that!

This means that your humidifier can be used anywhere, as long as you have an available USB connection

  • Saving energy costs

Since this type of humidifier works with a USB connection, it can represent a significant saving on energy bills compared to traditional humidifiers

  • Quiet Operation

You will likely use your portable usb humidifier in environments surrounded by people.

Most USB air humidifiers moisturize air efficiently and provide a quiet and safe environment that will not disturb you and the people around you

  • Aroma Diffuser

More and more humidifiers offer this dual functionality and these are no exception.

Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and transform your environment into a relaxing spa

You can also use it as a beauty treatment. Indeed, a steam bath is very effective to open the pores of the skin before a deep treatment

  • Available in stylish designs

If you're afraid to hang around with a device that came straight out of a hospital, don't worry!

This selection of USB Desk humidifiers will complement your decor with their beautiful designs.

So, leave your bulky models at home and pick up one of these compact, lightweight, and beautiful alternatives


USB Humidifier OLIVINE comes with 320 ML water capacity, 2 adjustable mist modes, and beautiful LED night colors.

You can add a few droplets of essential oil or fragrance oil to the water which provides a soothing and relaxing environment all around.

This ultrasonic humidifier works quietly and features a water-shortage power-off protection


Sleek, stylish, and functional, USB Humidifier HELSA will have you breathing in comfort and style, at home or on the go. This cool-mist humidifier can fit wherever you need it to, and if you're using it for sleeping, the convenient built-in nightlight will create a warm ambiance.

With its noiseless operation, Humidifier HELSA features 400ml water tank, 10 Hours automatic power off and 2in1 humidifier and diffuser functions


If you want to add a plant to your environment, but don't have a green thumb, USB humidifier PARODIA will make a great alternative. Its cute design will delight more than one!

The ultrasonic humidifier can hold 340 ml of water and runs for about 8 hours of continuous use before needing to be refilled.

Air humidifier PARODIA works silently and operates efficiently to fight against dry air problems whole year-round.



Portable, compact and lightweight, USB humidifier WRITER is ideal to use in your car, while working in the office or at home.

The ultrasonic humidifier can shut off automatically through a preset adjustable timer or when the water gets emptied.

Air humidifier WRITER combines a humidifier, air refresher, aroma diffuser... all in one design

The USB humidifier is available in 3 different colors: yellow, blue, pink

Note that all USB humidifiers listed above come with the Garantee' Air


It is an essential step in the use of your USB humidifier. Indeed, the more properly your humidifier is held, the more effective it will be.

Fortunately, the maintenance of the unit doesn't require a lot of work.

- After each use: change the water and clean the deposited mineral

- Once a week (or 2 weeks): clean your USB humidifier with white vinegar or bleach

After cleaning, allow your humidifier to completely dry before you store it for the next usage

Don't hesitate to follow the manual instructions of the manufacturer.

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