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Benefits Of A Humidifier For Baby

Is the baby humidifier one of the products we absolutely need to buy for our baby? Usually, the first thing we consider when we have a baby are the products that are really useful to grow up in a healthy environment. However, the humidifier is one of the elements that can greatly contribute to this.

Indeed, a baby humidifier will help your child to stay healthy while keeping a good humidity level in his room.

Today, the humidifier is one of the many devices and objects on the market designed for babies that are difficult to know. This is why many of these devices are sometimes left in the "dark zone".

Finding the best way to take care of their children is one of the major problems for parents.

The humidifier is one of the devices with the most doubts and myths, given what is unknown about it, namely whether or not it is advisable for the baby and whether it actually brings benefits.

Is it yet another product that is only useful in the world of advertising or is it really a device worth buying? We reveal everything in this article.


First of all, let define what is a humidifier. The humidifier is a device that maintains optimal levels of humidity in the air. The main advantage is that it cleans and renews the environments in which it is deposited and controls that the atmosphere maintains an adequate balance. In this way, an excess of drought or humidity associated with various health problems is avoided.

Its operation is simple. It consists of a water reservoir which, through an evaporation process, releases a mist that gives more moisture. It is the ideal device to create a healthy environment for the baby during his first weeks and months of life.

There are two main types of humidifiers, depending on the system used:

  • the hot steam system: These types of humidifiers heat the water in the tank until it reaches a certain temperature that allows the steam to be released gradually. Through their mechanism, they also increase the temperature of the room in which they are located
  • the cold steam system: These types of humidifiers are more advanced. They emit steam, not because of water heating, but by using more sophisticated technology that uses ultrasound

Best Humidifiers For Babies


The child in the early stages of life has not yet developed all his defenses. Hence the importance of paying attention to his environment.

Each season of the year has characteristics that can affect the environmental conditions in which children live. Humidity, temperature, etc., there are many variables to consider.

In winter, it is important to measure humidity because heating the house dries out the environment and infections appear. However, in summer, high temperatures increase the problems of dry skin and the respiratory tract.

Often, the nose becomes dry and rhinitis, congestion, anything that threatens the baby's well-being and their rest periods and also those of the parents can emerge.

This is why it is important to have a humidifier to maintain an optimal balance in the child's atmosphere.


What should be the ideal level of humidification and how to achieve it? In the medical field, it is recommended that the environment of the home and especially where the child is, be maintained between 30º and 50º. But how do you know if the parameters are optimal?

The best way is to have a hygrometer, a device that becomes a perfect complement. There are, however, some humidifiers that incorporate it. This must be checked at the moment of purchase.



We will look more in detail at the benefits of a baby humidifier

  • A baby humidifier moisturizes the skin

Dry air can have harmful effects on the skin. Dry air dehydrates the skin of the face, making it rough and can cause itching. The skin of lips and hands can also crack. Since a baby's skin is even more sensitive than that of adults, too dry air will cause irritation and chapping, and aggravate existing eczema. Thanks to a humidifier, the baby's skin will naturally be moisturized and will keep its softness. 

  • A baby humidifier protects the throat

Dry ambient air also has negative effects on the baby's throat. Maintaining a good level of humidity in the air lubricates and soothes the throat, which is easily irritated during the winter months when the heater is running at full capacity and dries the air. It has been shown that the humidifier prevents the development of laryngitis, a laryngeal infection caused by a virus whose symptoms are cough, hoarse voice and breathing difficulties.

  • A baby humidifier soothes sinuses

It is known that low humidity dries out the sinuses. When this happens, the symptoms are very painful for the baby: pressure on the sinuses, headache, nasal congestion, nose bleeds... When a baby's nose is the mouth, moisture is a natural way to decongest it. Moisture allows mucus to flow out.  

  • A baby humidifier prevents the spread of viruses

Using an air humidifier for baby reduces the risk of catching the flu for your baby. Studies have shown that when the amount in the air is too low, the flu virus was able to survive longer and spread more easily in the home.

  • A baby humidifier reduces cold symptoms

If your baby has a cold or flu, a humidifier in the room will help relieve symptoms such as breathing difficulties, stuffy nose, and sore throat. Thanks to the more humid air, your sick child will be able to heal faster and more easily because humidity, such as steam, decongests and clears the airways. 

  • A baby humidifier rocks the child

Another advantage of having a humidifier in your baby's room is the white noise it makes. The background noise produced by an air humidifier reminds the baby of the sounds he heard when he was in the womb. It is a soothing sound, which rocks the little one, helping him to sleep better

Besides the baby, the humidifier also has benefits for other aspects.

  • A baby humidifier warms the house

The more humid the air in the house, the warmer it feels. In winter, during the cold months, having a humidifier will help you not to raise the temperature too high, which will save you money.

  • A baby humidifier is good for plants

Humans are not the only ones who benefit from the humidity in the air! Indeed, in their natural environment, plants enjoy moist air, whether in the jungle or in the forest. When the air is too dry, plants grow less well, lose their leaves, dry out... Depending on the green plants you have at home, a humidifier will be a good combination to make them grow better

  • A baby humidifier protects your furniture

We don't think about it, but wood reacts badly to variations in humidity. Dry air is responsible for cracks in the wood. The wooden furniture in the room will, therefore, last longer if there is enough humidity in the air. The same applies to solid wood floors. If you have purchased pretty and luxurious baby furniture, this is an additional argument to add a humidifier to the list of equipment to have before the baby is born.


To be effective, the water in the baby air humidifier must be changed daily. The humidification unit must be properly maintained to prevent the growth of bacteria.

If you buy a hot steam humidifier, it is important to remember that it can cause burns to your child if they play with it. The hot steam from a humidifier should be kept out of the reach of small hands that can grasp it. Although it may look like a fun toy for children, it is still a device that can cause damage if not used properly.

Benefits of a humidifier for baby - Air Humidifiers Store

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