4 Best Travel Humidifiers Of 2021

if you've come across this article it's because you are certainly sensitive to the effects of dry air.

Dry air can make the skin flaky, dry or itchy through the office or home. These symptoms are often accentuated during the winter periods.

Dry air can also make your health worse, especially if you have allergies, colds or snoring problems. Viruses are more likely to proliferate when humidity is below the recommended level.

You have certainly already found a solution to overcome these inconveniences at home, but given your nomadic lifestyle, you are still confronted with them when you travel.

Travel humidifiers are definitely the ideal solution for you. You will be able to create a comfortable living space wherever you are thanks to these 4 best Travel Humidifiers of 2020.




Wooden Humidifier HIMA

This high performing travel humidifier and diffuser releases silently a steady stream of vapor for a relaxing scents and healthy humidity.

The device offers many options to tailor your aromatherapy experience: two mist modes, interval-time settings (continuous or interval), and seven LED colors to creathe a soothing ambiance.

The portable humidifier diffuser is also easy to clean, which is a considerable advantage, since it is important to do it regularly.

And lastly, this humidifier is made from real Bamboo. This makes it a perfect choice for ecologically sensitive people. 

Get ready to treat yourself with the best aromatherapy session!


Wooden Humidifier DAYDREAM

Another aromatherapy humidifier diffuser that perfectly blends design and functionnalities.

With a 800 ml, this gorgeous travelling humidifier boasts a large water tank so you won't need to refill it during the night.

Since it uses ultrasonic technology to operate, you are guaranteed that your sleep or work will not be interrupted by noisy sounds. It also offers a variety of mood lighting, which you can shutt down anytime.

If your daily moment of is zen is crucial for you, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and let yourself be soothed by relaxing scents and a pleasant ambiance.

Note that this humidifier is made from faux-wood finish



Wireless Humidifier H20

With all its smart features, this ultrasonic travel humidifier is the perfect gift for anyone addicted to new technologies.

Firstly, it uses wireless technology. In other words, once the device's battery is charged, you don't need to use the cable to operate it. So if you plan to be outdoors all day, you can charge it overnight and use it as you wish the next day.

Secondly, the battery level is displayed on a digital screen. So no need to play the scientist to know when to recharge your device.

Thirdly (and not the last of its assets), it is equipped with an automatic stop function, so there is no need to monitor the water level. 

With all these assets, this humidifier is definitely a must for your next trips.



Table Humidifier MIDA

if you are the kind of person who likes to post on social networks with fashionable objects, this humidifier is for you! Your subscribers will literally melt in front of the cute design of this humidifier..

It features seven changing LED colors, allow you to choose the shade you find most soothing for the mood you are in.

It emits a cool mist while you work or sleep and auto-shuts off when the water content is low.

The cool mist travel humidifier MIDA works with a simple USB cable, you will easily find a way to charge no matter what country you are in.

If you are looking for a cute humidifier to travel with, this ultrasonic device is a great for everyday use. 


All the humidifiers mentionned in this list use ultrasonic tehcnology to add moinsture in the air. Ultrasonic humidifiers are the most common type of humdiifiers on the market. This type of humdifier uses high-frequency sound vibrations to produce an extra fine water mist  that is then expelled to add moisture in the atmosphere.


A humidifier helps to keep the skin moist

Dry air can make the skin flaky, dry or itchy through the office or home. These symptoms are often accentuated during the winter periods. Using a humidifier in addition to your moisturizer

A humidifier helps to prevent of Influenza

Humidity levels under 40% can help to activate virus particles in the air. By adding the moisture to the air, you can reduce the growing of virus particles, and by this occasion of catching flu.

A humidifier helps to reduce snoring

A humidifier may help you reduce your snoring problems. In fact, when the air is too dry, your airways are usually not well lubricated. So the lack of humidity can aggravate you snoring problems.

A humidifier has Home benefits

A humidifier doesn't only benefit your body but also your home. The right humidity levels can make your houseplants more vibrant and your wood furniture can last longer.


There are some criterias to consider to find the perfect humidifier for you:

Cool Mist Humidifiers

As mentionned by the name, these types of humidifiers produce a cool mist to add moisture to the air in your room. Note that a cool mist humidifier don't make the room colder than it is.

They are perfect for families with children or pets, and for areas with warmer weather.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

These types of humidifiers work by heating water to create vapor, then this vapor is cooled before being released.

This type of humidifier bust be avoid if you have children for safety reasons.

Tabletop Humidifiers

Table humidifiers are very popular due to their functionnality. In fact, with these type of humidifiers, you can bring the benefits of a humidifier wherever you go. Whether you are on a trip or at the office, you are ensure to sleep and work with the right humidity level.

Home Humidifiers

In contrary, a home humidifier is designed to improve the humidity levels of the whole house. The main advantage is that you need to refill the tank but these type of humidifier is more expensive.


During pregnancy, a woman's immune system is more fragile and her health is put to the test. If the woman is particularly sensitive to the effects of dry air, it is important to consider investing in a good humidifier to stay healthy.

When you're pregnant, chances are you'll experience nasal congestion and a stuffy nose because your body produces extra blood as a result of increased hormone levels. This increase in hormone levels is responsible for nasal congestion or runny nose.

Pregnant women are more exposed to environmental risks, so buying a humidifier for your room will help you rest at night and solve your flu problems.

In addition, you will need to add as much moisture as possible to your skin during pregnancy, and a humidifier will help you do this. A humidifier will help you increase or maintain the humidity level in your home. It will also help you temporarily relieve your cough and dry skin.

Dry air causes you to suffer from a variety of symptoms as a pregnant woman, and these are usually distressing for pregnant women. If you want to keep the humidity in your room at a healthy level, you need to invest in a good quality humidifier.

To keep your body hydrated, keep humidity between 40 and 60%, as humidity below 30% can lead to nasal congestion and dry skin.


A poorly maintained humidifier is a humidifier that may in the long term worsen your health. Indeed, a badly maintained humidifier is a source of prolferation of bacteria and any other virus harmful to health.

And this is certainly not the intention when you decide to buy your humidifier, worse when it is for the well-being of your baby.

The first thing you should do for optimal maintenance of your humidifier is to change the water after each use. Stagnant water is the first source of your problems.

The second gesture is the deep cleaning with an antiseptic solution or any other product adapted to this use. The cleaning can be done once a week, especially for the periods when you use your appliance regularly.

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